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Changing regulations require that a certified lift director is present on site to oversee and direct a heavy lift, lifts utilizing particular cranes, or the lifting of valuable equipment. Unfortunately, NCCCO lift director certification is one of the most difficult certifications to achieve, requiring multiple prerequisites and field experience. Because of this, there is a limited number of certified lift directors for hire across the United States. Fortunately, having a certified mobile crane lift director on site facilitates lifting solutions and heavy lift engineering for any project.

Train for the Crane has a certified NCCCO lift director on staff who is available for hire for on-site lift directing or consulting for lift engineering for any project.

About Our Lift Director For Hire

Train for the Crane’s lift director was one of the first 100 people in the country to receive the NCCCO lift director certification. Our lift director has engineered and directed projects that have included the following:

  • Lifts in excess of 25 million dollars
  • Lifts in excess of 1 million pounds
  • Tandem lifts of 10 cranes working simultaneously

No matter the size or difficulty of your project, our Lift Director can provide you with solutions to accomplish your crane lift efficiently, safely, and cost effectively.

If you’re looking to bring a Certified Lift Director on site to oversee a project, get in touch for more information.

Lift Engineering

Let our certified lift director engineer a difficult or complex lift for you. Send us your lift plan information, including the following:

  • Type(s) of crane(s) to be used
  • The object (height, length, and weight) to be lifted
  • The height and dimensions the object will be lifted to
  • The physical location where the lift will take place
  • The ground conditions of the location (if available)

Our lift director will use a 3D lift plan to engineer your lift. In most cases, this service can be completed in 48 hours.

Lift Confirmation

For some projects, it may be necessary to rent a crane or related equipment. Our lift director will consult with you and your team to confirm your crane rental choice is the most cost effective and appropriate for your project. In most cases, this service can be completed within 24 hours.

On Site Lift Director

If you need to have a certified lift director on site to meet state or federal requirements, our lift director is available for on-site management at job sites across the U.S. upon request. With this red-carpet consulting service, our lift director will engineer your lift in advance and will coordinate with a local rental company to ensure the correct cranes and rigging equipment are on site as needed. The lift director will be available on site leading up to the lift event to provide oversight, direction, and consultation. The lift director will hold pre-lift meetings and lift trials, and will direct all operators, signalpersons, riggers, and any other on-site personnel involved in the lift(s) for a safe and flawless execution. Fees vary based on location and duration of each project. Advance planning is recommended.

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