From A Crane Operator Course — NCCCO Test-Taking Tips

Once you’ve taken a crane operator course and received your certification — your career possibilities are endless. We’re here to help you get to that position by sharing our test-taking tips that come straight from our crane safety experts, who have over 30 years of combined experience in the field. Train for the Crane knows everything about NCCO’s written exams and safety training. These tips will help you beat NCCCO written exams and become a certified operator.

Know Yourself And The Crane Operator Course Materials

Understanding your weaknesses about the material is the first step to passing these exams, and only you will truly understand what portions of the exam are giving you fits. If you struggle with understanding how to properly use a load chart, types of rigging equipment, or any other subject — only you will truly know that. We suggest focusing on your weaknesses to immediately improve your chances of receiving a passing score on your NCCCO written exam.

Read The Whole Question and Every Available Answer

The creators of all standardized exams try their best to trip you up, and it will happen if you aren’t mindful of this fact. These tests are as much a test to see if you can be tripped up as they are a test of your knowledge. If you come to the test with this knowledge, you’ll understand the importance of reading an entire question and all of the available answers prior to selecting your answer.

Get Yourself To a Coin Flip

With multiple choices comes the need to eliminate. After you’ve read the entire question and all of the available answers you will most likely be able to eliminate a couple of available options. Your knowledge of the subject and identifying obviously incorrect responses can help you eliminate wrong answers. If you’re able to eliminate one response then you’ll improve your chances of picking the correct answer from 25% up to 33%. If you’re able to eliminate two wrong answers then you’ve got yourself to a 50-50 shot, and that’s a coin flip. Make a selection and move on to the next one.

If You Don’t Know an Answer Then Move On and Come Back To It

We see people get to the third question on the test, get flustered because they should know the answer, and spend more time than they should be figuring it out. If this happens to you, make note of the troubling question and move on to the rest of the test. Once you’ve passed through the test once, come back and take a look at the questions you’ve skipped. Bypassing these types of questions is good for your mental state during the exam and it allows you to focus on the portions you do know while building up your confidence about your knowledge of the subject.

Study. Study The Materials.

That’s right. For the average person, just the time in class with materials is not enough to guarantee a passing exam score. You will need to invest some time in reading through materials outside of the classroom, too. We’re all busy with families and responsibilities, but we all find time for things we prioritize. Make passing this exam a priority for you and you can find the time to study and be well on your way to receiving crane operator certification.

No matter where you take your crane operator course, these tips will help ensure that you get a passing score. Don’t forget to check out our blog for other industry information, like this blog on How To Get Crane Operator Certification. We’ve also got details on How To Create A Critical Lift Plan here if that’s more of your thing

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